A New Triple-Action

Waterless Hand Wash

The first and only waterless handwash that:
Cleans hands
Hydrates skin
Helps repel germs

ionSURE is a unique hand wash.

Washing your hands with soap and water is the best way to keep your hands clean, but the moment you touch something, you want to wash your hands again. And frequent washing can dry out your skin.

ionSURE™ has patented ionSENZ protection. It utilizes cutting-edge ionic advancements to form a temporary, thin protective barrier over your skin to seal in moisturizers and help repel germs. ionSURE™ also contains Aloe, vitamin E and other moisturizers. Your skin is nourished and protected with every use.

Why Use ionSURE?

Unique triple-action formula. Works like no other hand wash.

  • Provides patented ionSENZ™ protection
  • Contains aloe, vitamin E and other moisturizers
  • Does not dry your hands. Does not sting.
  • Has a soothing lavender scent
Photo of hands showing ionSURE waterless hand wash that hydrates skin and repels germs

Goodbye to Dry, Chapped Hands

Every time you use ionSURE™, you are putting a fresh, protective, nourishing coating on your hands that not only cleanses them but also helps temporarily seal in natural moisture. Use it regularly throughout the day to nourish and protect your skin.

The ionSENZ™ protection is proven and supported by multiple patents.

ionSURE™ is not a hand sanitizer. It is designed to moisturize and care for your hands while it helps repel germs due to its unique action.

Anytime, Anywhere Germ Protection.

Use while shopping and at the office, at the gym and at school to protect hands and seal in moisture. Take with you traveling or on-the-go so you can help your hands stay protected when soap and water are not available.


At work


In the car


At the fitness center


At the playground

ionSURE is Kid-Friendly!

Our special formula will not dry or sting your child’s hands. It is formulated to leave hands feeling soft and hydrated. Great for kids! for external use only.

Photo of Mother with Child on Bike - ionSURE, a waterless hand wash that hydrates skin and repels germs
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