ionSure is making it so easy to keep Lucas’s hands clean ANYWHERE! The waterless hand cleanser can be used while he is at play in his room, in the car, grocery…the list goes on. ⁣Mamas, this is your ticket to easy! Not only does it keep your hands moisturized it repels germs at the same time. Stop the excessive washing and snag your bottle in the link in my bio! @myionsure.You can snag one of their two sizes, or both; one for your house and one for your purse 🙂 ⁣

#handmoisturizer #waterlesshandwash #ionsure #paid #workinmomma #boymom #momhacks


This would help me alot right now especially with dry winter skin🤩

Ahhh what a perfect product for these days!

This is perfect for when I take the doggos to the park!!

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