ionSURE Is Effective in Cleansing and Hydrating the Skin

It’s not always easy keeping your hands clean throughout the day and keep away unwanted germs and bacteria that accumulate. Although washing your hands multiple times a day is ideal, the harsh soap can strip your skin of its natural oils and leave it dry. Fortunately, ionSURE makes it easy to keep your hands clean when you’re on the go, whether you’re heading to work or to the playground.


ionSURE Delivers Triple Action

ionSURE is extremely versatile and effective to use because it works in multiple ways when you want to protect your hands. The formula is a waterless hand wash that is designed to help repel germs and also has natural moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and aloe. Additionally, the fresh lavender scent makes it soothing to use and leaves your hands smelling pleasant.

It also works to protect the hands with a nourishing coat that seals in moisture.   This makes it easy to maintain soft hands, especially during the winter season. It’s also supported by several different patents for added peace of mind.

ionSURE does what no hand lotion can …  It moisturizes skin like a lotion and helps repel germs unlike any lotion.


Easy to Apply

One of the main benefits of using ionSURE is the ease of use it offers compared to trying to find a sink and soap multiple times a day. The product is designed to take on the go and is available in multiple sizes, whether you want to leave it on your desk or store it in your bag.


A Formula That Doesn’t Sting

Not only is the formula safe to use on your hands as often as you want, but you can also apply it to your children’s hands, whether you’re spending time on the playground or dining out at a restaurant. It’s comfortable to apply and doesn’t sting the hands. This makes it easier for kids to be willing to use it several times a day.

ionSURE is an effective way to start keeping your hands clean with patented technology that is proven to work without leaving your hands dry or cracked.

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