Does Frequent Handwashing Mean Dry Hands?


Washing your hands is important to save yourself from many germs and harmful bacteria. However, frequent handwashing can result in dry skin that can itch, be cracked, and even bleed without proper precautions. This can open a gateway for germs and bacteria to do their jobs.

To reduce the risk of dry and chapped skin from constant handwashing, follow these tips from board-certified dermatologists.

  1. Use Luke Warm Water
  2. Moisturize Immediately After Washing Your Hands
  3. Use Moisturizers With Minerals Or Petroleum
  4. Use Dye-free Moisturizers
  5. Do Not Stop Washing Your Hands, Even If They Feel Dry

ionSURE is a waterless hand sanitizing moisturizer that is different in that it doesn’t dry out your hands. It leaves your hands feeling clean and moisturized thanks to aloe vera and other moisturizers. These ingredients help clean your hands, moisturize them, and provide hand protection by helping repel germs.

In short, ionSURE does what no hand wash can …  It moisturizes skin like a lotion and helps repel germs unlike a lotion.

Benefits of ionSURE

  • Leaves hands feeling soft and smooth
  • Conditions and soothes skin
  • Helps repel germs
  • Cleanses hands without drying them out

If you have a dry skin condition or are looking for hand cleaners that don’t leave you with dry or irritated skin, then ionSURE is a perfect solution for you. Keep your hands clean and protected all day long. Try ionSURE today and see how it can help your hands stay healthy, moisturized, and looking great!

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