ionSURE’s Unique Formula Protects and Cleanses Skin

As more people spend time washing their hands throughout the day in an attempt to limit their contact with germs, it’s not always easy to find a sink or soap while on the go. Hand sanitizer has increased in popularity in recent years but can strip the skin of natural oils and cause the skin to become dry and cracked. ionSURE is a great solution because it is waterless and helps cleanse while actually caring for it.  It’s ionSENZ™ technology actually creates a thin ionic layer that locks in essential skin moisture and helps repel germs.  It is a true 3:1 hand wash:  Cleans, protects and hydrates skin.  


The Benefits of Using ionSURE

One of the main reasons ionSURE stands out in the industry is because it works in multiple ways thanks to its triple-action formula. The product has a pleasant soft lavender scent, making it easy to feel relaxed and at ease each time it’s applied. It contains natural ingredients like aloe, moisturizers, and vitamin E to keep the skin soft and supple.


Treat Your Dry and Chapped Hands

Consumers enjoy using ionSURE because it starts immediately moisturizing the hands after the first use. This makes it easier to avoid having chapped hands during dryer seasons as natural oil is sealed into the skin thanks to the biofilm. You can have the freedom to use it as frequently as you want throughout the day without worrying about suffering from dry, cracked hands.


A High Level of Protection

ionSURE’s biofilm is effective for protecting your health and safety because it helps keep germs away once it’s applied. It forms a protective ionic layer that continues to help repel germs and lock in moisture. Not only does it seal in moisture, but it also makes it easy to have clean hands while you’re spending time in the car, on the playground, or at the gym. The small size of the product makes it easy to transport and store in a bag or purse for easy access at all times.


A Kid-Friendly Formula

One of the top benefits of using this formula is that it’s safe for kids to use. Keep your children’s hands healthy and moisturized throughout the day, no matter where you are.

ionSURE’s biofilm makes it convenient to use in any type of setting and can offer peace of mind as you protect your health.

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