Our Customers Love ionSURE!


“Just when I thought I had tried all kinds of hand wash/sanitizers I found this “Patented ion technology” and “waterless hand wash” that I knew nothing about. I now have used this ionSURE product for a week and really like it. Not only my hands feel clean but the best part is that my skin feels as soft as I had applied hand lotion. My understanding is: water evaporates; breaking down water molecules into ions and those ions won’t evaporate; so the waterless cleaning agents stay on my hands longer to protect me from germs. I think this is a very cool concept and I am happy to say that I have tried this new technology hand wash.” Elsie G


“I have tried numerous different brands, all of which consistently left my hands dry. I have accidentally come across this product, and after trying it, I can assure you that I will not be going back to any other brand. It feels really nice on the hands, while also leaving them protected for a long period of time. Not to mention that I was really pleased to find out that this product was made here locally in the U.S, with what seems to be a new technology. Evgenni.Bassin


“So glad I found this product. Goes on smooth and drys quick. The main thing I like… is it does not feel goopy and sticky or leave your hands dry after use. Doing a little research as another review recommended, it looks as if the active ingredients form a much better germ/virus barrier that lasts longer than any other product on the market. Great product!” Craig Lamour


“At first it feels strange, like a hand lotion not a gel. You think’ how is this ever going to dry’ ? After a few seconds it’s gone as you rub it in. Like magic it’s sunk into the skin with no trace, no oiliness, just the feel of soft skin. It seems the active antiseptic is Geranic Acid, look it up in Wickipedia, it protects for way, way, way longer than alcohol. and can eradicate most if not all of the nastiest antibiotic resistant microbes known to man.” StamosD


“Great product! The texture and the feeling much better than a regular sanitizers. Going to order to all our office workers!” Alex


“The best thing about this product, besides the features it boasts off (and I agree with), is how soft it feels on my hands! And this is the first time I have heard off, as well as experienced, a soap product that does not need water to wash off! This will be a must-have in my hand bag! KU


“Does not feel sticky like the regular hand sanitizers. Hands don’t feel dry anymore. The scent is definitely 100 times better. It’s very mild and is not overpowering.” Kritis


“I now keep this in my truck. It is a much better option to hand sanitizer when you need to get visible dirt and grime off your hands. I highly recommend.  Brent Sorrells


“I have been using for the last month and it does not dry your skin out. Will buy again.”  Andrew D Wilson


I bought this on a whim for my wife and kids, they couldn’t be happier, was so soft, feel safer and no dry hands like with other options. Will definatley buy more!” Paul D


“It just comes down to the fact that it feels better than the other hand sanitizers. I keep mine in the car!  Wade S


“Not only do my hands feel so smooth after using this, I am confident that I am being protected from germs. Great product!” Michele A Newby


Not greasy. Dries fast. Smells great. It leaves a real clean feel and my hands are actually smoother than ever before.” Mike


“I love having this hand sanitizer in the car or purse for when I am on the go. Love that it has aloe in it and doesn’t dry out my hands like other sanitizes.” Taylor Leofller


“If you want to keep your hands clean without drying them out, this is the product for you. It feels like gentle lotion that sanitizes, love this product!!!” Amazon Customer


“Most hand sanitizers leave my hands dry. This one really does keep the moisture. Great for having it in the car, on a hike or at home. Gives me peace of mind that I can clean my hands while not having to waste water. Great product and I highly recommend it.” Anish Srivastata


“ionSURE hand wash is the most efficient product of this kind. Hydrates, protects and doesn’t irritate skin. Very compact and convenient size and packaging.” RUFCU


Doesn’t feel sticky or dry you out like normal hand sanitizer. The best one I’ve ever used.” Nguyen


“Absolutely love this product I felt the difference immediately. My entire family is using it now.” LanTurong


“This product is great! cleans well without drying out hands at all. i’ve loved it.” Michael Manna


“Goes on smooth, no oily or sticky feeling at all, gives a great clean feel to the hands, doesn’t make your hands feel dry, great lavender scent! Sandeep Joshi


“I can feel the protection layer well after its initial application. It feels great! Michael Rowbottom


“Nice smell and smooth application.” Patricia


“Throw out your hand sanitizer now- this is the only hand cleaner you will ever need. Unlike hand sanitizer that strips your hands and leaves your skin dry, this product leaves your hands moisturized and soft but they still feel SO clean. I hate the smell of hand sanitizer but the natural lavender scent of this cleaner is extremely pleasant without being overpowering. It’s literally magic- don’t hesitate just buy it!!!” Leah D


“Product goes on really well, feels great and smells fresh. Just a little bit goes a long way…..even the smaller size will last for some time. A great sub for soap and water and your skin does not feel dry.” C Durham


“An excellent alternative to other hand sanitizers I have been using for so long. Smells great, hands feel clean and it is soothing on the skin – it doesn’t burn or cause allergic reactions like some of the others. My son is using it on a daily basis in his high school as well. Will be ordering a steady supply for our home!” SSS


“You need just a few drops to have full coverage on both hands. It has a pleasant smell and fully dries in seconds while leaving your hands soft and sanitized. Our family loves it and we will never go back to using hand sanitizers.” Kindle Customer


“Great way to clean my hands on the go when I can’t get to a sink to wash. It uses different ingredients than a regular hand sanitizer, so you can’t tell there’s alcohol in it and my skin does not dry out. Recommend!” N


“I can’t pretend to know how ions work but…this is a great replacement for the standard liquid hand sanitizer that always gets all warm and gooey when you leave it in the car for too long. Never going back.” Dylan Robbins-Kelley


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