What Is Skin Dehydration?

One of the prerequisites of having healthy and beautiful skin is ensuring you are well hydrated. Often confused with dry skin, which is a skin type that lacks natural oil, dehydrated skin is a condition where your skin lacks enough water. Dehydration can happen to any skin type and has some not-so-great telltale signs.


How to Tell If Your Skin Is Dehydrated

Skin dehydration can manifest itself in ways that are similar to dry skin type characteristics. Dry skin types appear dry or flaky with no shine or glow to their complexion. People with dry skin can be at risk of other skin conditions that trigger dry skin or result from dry skin.

On the other hand, dehydration happens when your skin or body loses water or lacks enough water. You could test for skin dehydration using a simple pinch test as written below:

  1. Lightly pinch a small part of your skin and don’t release until after a few seconds.
  2. Once you release the pinched skin, observe if it quickly snaps back in place.
  3. If your skin is slow or does not instantly snap back, it is highly likely you are dehydrated.

Apart from the pinch test, below are some signs that point to skin dehydration.


Itchy Skin

Dehydrated skin can feel quite itchy and will have you constantly scratching or fighting the urge to scratch your skin. Itchy skin as a result of dehydration occurs while your skin is flaky.


High Skin Sensitivity

Water present in your skin does not only make the skin appear nourished, but it also acts as protection. The moisture layer on your skin keeps away bacteria and external pollutants such as smoke and dust from penetrating the skin’s outer layer. With dehydrated skin, you will easily be a victim of itchiness, rashes, and uneven color patches.


Unattractive Skin

Glowing and healthy skin can do wonders for your overall appearance. With no moisture, you risk your skin being dull and unattractive due to flakiness and dark patches resulting from poor skin shedding. Wrinkles or aging lines on your skin are also a result of skin dehydration.


How to Treat Skin Dehydration

You can fight against skin dehydration by increasing your water and fruit intake. In addition, hydrating and moisturizing oils for your skin type will help you keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.

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