Humectants in Skincare Products Lock in Moisture

If you are unfamiliar with a humectant, you will want to get acquainted with it, especially if you suffer from dry hands. A humectant is any substance that acts as a moisturizing agent. It helps lock in moisture so your skin feels soft and smooth. ionSURE uses humectants to keep your hands moisturized with every use.


Signs of Dehydration

Dry hands are a sign of dehydration, but the good news is that by switching to a product like ionSURE, you don’t have to put up with dry, uncomfortable skin. Dry skin can lead to eczema and even skin infections. This usually happens when your skin loses moisture, either from dry air or through many of the products that you use, such as hand sanitizers. A waterless hand wash like ionSURE is a great way to help repel germs without drying out your skin. Instead of drying out your skin every time you use it, ionSURE actually adds another layer of protection, locking in your skin’s natural oils.

When your skin is cracking, flaking, feels itchy, or has a rash, it’s likely that it’s dehydrated. If you find that your skin is dehydrated, particularly the skin on your hands, a waterless hand wash may be the solution. It will allow your skin to retain its natural moisture by using humectants and won’t dry out your skin like traditional hand sanitizers that contain alcohol tend to do.


How to Choose a Good Skincare Product

The best hand wash for dehydrated skin is one that contains natural ingredients such as essential oils and hydrates your skin by locking in its natural moisture while helping repel germs. When choosing beauty and skincare products, you want to read the label so you know what the ingredients are and, just as importantly, how the ingredients have been derived.

 ionSURE does what no hand wash can do …  It moisturizes skin like a lotion and helps repel germs unlike a lotion.

If you are tired of dry skin on your hands but want to be germ-free, ionSURE is the best moisturizing hand wash for dehydrated skin. Hand protection doesn’t have to be painful.

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